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Christorf Clark, Cristof Clark, Cristopher Clark, Christof Clark, Christophe Clark, Cristoph Clark

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Christorf Clark, Cristof Clark, Cristopher Clark, Christof Clark, Christophe Clark, Cristoph Clark


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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Release, Christoph's Beautiful Girls 4 (2002)
Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Non-Feature, Anita Pearl is Fresh on Cock (2008)
Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Feature, Angel Perverse 18 (2010)
Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Non-Feature, Jessie Volt is my Sexy Toy (2012)
Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Non-Feature, I'm Your Bitch: Lyen (2013)
Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Non-Feature, Christoph's Anal Attraction 6 (2015)


Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature

Nightmoves Fan Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

XBiz Awards

Nominee: European Director of the Year
Nominee: European Director of the Year
Nominee: European Director of the Year
Nominee: Foreign Director of the Year

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Affari e peccati analiTC21995  
Anal CougarsEvil Angel2014 DRO
Anal GuruDBM Video1995  
Angel Perverse 1Evil Angel20064DRO
Angel Perverse 10Evil Angel20094DRO
Angel Perverse 11Evil Angel20091DRO
Angel Perverse 12Evil Angel2009 DRO
Angel Perverse 13Evil Angel20095DRO
Angel Perverse 14Evil Angel20103DRO
Angel Perverse 15Evil Angel20102DRO
Angel Perverse 16Evil Angel20101DRO
Angel Perverse 17Evil Angel2010 DRO
Angel Perverse 18Evil Angel20101DRO
Angel Perverse 19Evil Angel20111DRO
Angel Perverse 2Evil Angel20062DRO
Angel Perverse 20Evil Angel2011 DRO
Angel Perverse 21Evil Angel20111DRO
Angel Perverse 22Evil Angel20111DRO
Angel Perverse 23Evil Angel20122DRO
Angel Perverse 24Evil Angel2012 DRO
Angel Perverse 3Evil Angel20063DRO
Angel Perverse 4Evil Angel20062DRO
Angel Perverse 5Evil Angel20073DRO
Angel Perverse 6Evil Angel20072DRO
Angel Perverse 7Evil Angel20073DRO
Angel Perverse 8Evil Angel20075DRO
Angel Perverse 9Evil Angel20083DRO
Anita Pearl is Fresh on CockEvil Angel20084DRO
AquariusDBM Video1995 D
Ass InfernoDBM Video1995  
Auberge AnalDBM Video1993  
Backdoor DeluxeDBM Video19951 
Bad GirlDBM Video1993  
Best of Big Natural TitsEvil Angel2015 DRO
Bevy Of BlondesEvil Angel20014DRO
Big Natural Tits 1Evil Angel20003DRO
Big Natural Tits 10Evil Angel20034DRO
Big Natural Tits 11Evil Angel20044DRO
Big Natural Tits 12Evil Angel20042DRO
Big Natural Tits 13Evil Angel20053DRO
Big Natural Tits 14Evil Angel20052DRO
Big Natural Tits 15Evil Angel20063DRO
Big Natural Tits 16Evil Angel20063DRO
Big Natural Tits 17Evil Angel20072DRO
Big Natural Tits 18Evil Angel20073DRO
Big Natural Tits 19Evil Angel20075DRO
Big Natural Tits 2Evil Angel20016DRO
Big Natural Tits 20Evil Angel20082DRO
Big Natural Tits 21Evil Angel20082DRO
Big Natural Tits 22Evil Angel2009 DRO
Big Natural Tits 23Evil Angel20101DRO
Big Natural Tits 3Evil Angel20014DRO
Big Natural Tits 4Evil Angel20015DRO
Big Natural Tits 5Evil Angel20024DRO
Big Natural Tits 6Evil Angel20023DRO
Big Natural Tits 7Evil Angel20033DRO
Big Natural Tits 8Evil Angel20035DRO
Big Natural Tits 9Evil Angel20035DRO
Birthday BootyEvil Angel20014DRO
Bobbi Violates EuropeEvil Angel20093DRO
Car FashionDBM Video1995  
Christoph Meets the Angels 1Evil Angel20111DRO
Christoph Meets the Angels 2Evil Angel2012 DRO
Christoph Meets the Angels 3Evil Angel20141DRO
Christoph's Anal AttractionEvil Angel2013 DRO
Christoph's Anal Attraction 2Evil Angel2013 DRO
Christoph's Anal Attraction 3Evil Angel2014 DRO
Christoph's Anal Attraction 4Evil Angel2014 DRO
Christoph's Anal Attraction 5Evil Angel20151DRO
Christoph's Anal Attraction 6Evil Angel2015 DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 1Evil Angel20014DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 10Evil Angel20034DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 11Evil Angel20033DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 12Evil Angel20032DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 13Evil Angel20035DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 14Evil Angel20043DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 15Evil Angel20045DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 16Evil Angel20044DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 17Evil Angel20042DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 18Evil Angel20043DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 19Evil Angel20055DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 2Evil Angel20014DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 20Evil Angel20054DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 21Evil Angel20053DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 3Evil Angel20015DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 4Evil Angel20025DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 5Evil Angel20024DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 6Evil Angel20023DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 7Evil Angel20024DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 8Evil Angel20033DRO
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 9Evil Angel20035DRO
Christoph's Best Big Natural BreastsEvil Angel20011 
Christoph's Euro SlitEvil Angel20043DRO
Cindy Hope is Fresh on CockEvil Angel20081DRO
Clark CastingDBM Video1995  
Clark HotelDBM Video1995  
CongratulationsDBM Video1995  
Cunt TrainingDBM Video1995 O
Daddy's Dirty DollsDBM Video1993  
Defend Our PornEvil Angel20083DRO
Dinner for SexDBM Video1995  
Dolce e PerversaStars Pictures1993 DR
Double Anal PoundingEvil Angel2011 DRO
Dressed to Fuck 1Evil Angel20072DRO
Dressed to Fuck 2Evil Angel20071DRO
Dressed to Fuck 3Evil Angel20072DRO
Dressed to Fuck 4Evil Angel20082DRO
DXKColmax2011 O
Euro Angels 1: We Are Not VirginsEvil Angel19975DRO
Euro Angels 10: Anal DecadenceEvil Angel19984DRO
Euro Angels 11: Pink TunnelsEvil Angel19983DO
Euro Angels 12: Probing PragueEvil Angel19984DRO
Euro Angels 13: Fun FunnelsEvil Angel19993DRO
Euro Angels 14: Nuttin' ButtEvil Angel19993DRO
Euro Angels 15: Can OpenersEvil Angel19993DRO
Euro Angels 16: Filling the VoidEvil Angel19992DRO
Euro Angels 17: Behind in Their WorkEvil Angel19993DRO
Euro Angels 18: Your Rear My DearEvil Angel19992DRO
Euro Angels 19: Pucker FuckersEvil Angel19992DRO
Euro Angels 2Evil Angel19972DRO
Euro Angels 20: Anal RetentiveEvil Angel20003DRO
Euro Angels 21: BudaliciousEvil Angel20002DRO
Euro Angels 22: Awesome AssesEvil Angel20003DRO
Euro Angels 23: New Highs In Low MoralsEvil Angel20003DRO
Euro Angels 24: Anal-ramaEvil Angel20003DRO
Euro Angels 25: Budapest Booty FestEvil Angel20002DRO
Euro Angels 3Evil Angel19986DO
Euro Angels 4Evil Angel19984DRO
Euro Angels 5Evil Angel19984DRO
Euro Angels 6Evil Angel19986DRO
Euro Angels 7Evil Angel19984DRO
Euro Angels 8: Tunnels of LoveEvil Angel19984DRO
Euro Angels 9: Euro TrasshedEvil Angel19983DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 1Evil Angel19984DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 10: Depraved IntentEvil Angel20003DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 11: AnalholicsEvil Angel20004DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 12: Multitude of SinsEvil Angel20018DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 13: The Hole Story... Inside And OutEvil Angel20018DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 14: Anal DominationEvil Angel20018DO
Euro Angels Hardball 15: House of AssEvil Angel20015DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 16: Anal TrainingEvil Angel20027DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 17: Anal SavantsEvil Angel20023DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 18: Attention To De-TailEvil Angel20023DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 19: Reverse Gang Bang EditionEvil Angel20025DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 2: Black GloveEvil Angel19994DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 20: DP ManiaEvil Angel20034DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 21: Super HardEvil Angel20035DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 22: Super Hard SexEvil Angel20034DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 23: Double Anal ManiaEvil Angel20045DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 24Evil Angel20043DO
Euro Angels Hardball 25Evil Angel20043DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 26Evil Angel20054DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 3: Anal TherapyEvil Angel19997DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 4: Fuck FetishesEvil Angel19998DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 5: Ass GangstersEvil Angel19996DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 6: Anal ManiacEvil Angel19995DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 7: Anal RingmasterEvil Angel20006DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 8: Such A SlutEvil Angel20003DRO
Euro Angels Hardball 9: Screw University Of Advanced Anal StudieEvil Angel20005DO
Euro Domination 1Evil Angel20043DR
Euro Domination 2Evil Angel20047DRO
Euro Domination 3Evil Angel20056DRO
Euro Domination 4Evil Angel20054DRO
Euro Domination 5Evil Angel20054DRO
Euro Domination 6Evil Angel20064DRO
Euro Domination 7Evil Angel20063DRO
Euro Domination 8Evil Angel20063DRO
Euro Domination 9Evil Angel20062DRO
EurozoticBluebird Films2009 DRO
Feet PleasureEvil Angel20121DRO
French AngelsEvil Angel20083DRO
Fresh on Cock: Abbie Cat vs Angelica HeartEvil Angel20091DRO
Frutto del PeccatoGrand'Idea19931 
Fuck My Ass 1Evil Angel2013 DRO
Fuck My Ass 2Evil Angel20141DRO
Fuck My Ass 3Evil Angel2014 DRO
Fuck My Ass 4Evil Angel2015 DRO
Fuck My Ass 5Evil Angel2015 DRO
Fuck My Ass 6Evil Angel2016 DRO
Gaia 1: Les Obstacles de l'AmourPrivate19974D
Gape Em All 1Evil Angel20091DRO
Gape Em All 2Evil Angel2010 DRO
Gaper CapersEvil Angel19992DRO
Garage FeverDBM Video1994  
Giochi anali delle porno sorellineGrand'Idea1993  
Good Times Bad TimesDBM Video1997  
Hard ArtDBM Video1995  
Hard PleasureEvil Angel2012 DRO
Hey Babe Nice TitsEvil Angel20016DRO
Hot DropsDBM Video1995  
Hungarian Angels Evil Angel2008 DRO
I'm Your Bitch: LyenEvil Angel20131DRO
InheritanceWicked Pictures19963DRO
Irresistible SilviePrivate19974DRO
Italian LegacyPrivate19972DO
Jessie Volt is my Sexy ToyEvil Angel2012 DRO
Jeunes Veuves LubriquesVideo Marc Dorcel1995 O
Kinky VillaDBM Video1993  
Love PointsDBM Video1996  
Loves of LaureWicked Pictures19963DRO
Mandy Dee: From Russia With LustEvil Angel2010 DRO
Massaggi AnaliGrand'Idea1993  
Nasty Intentions 1Evil Angel2007 DRO
Nasty Intentions 2Evil Angel20081DRO
NymphoDBM Video1993 O
ObsessionEvil Angel20063DRO
Obsession of LaureWicked Pictures19965DRO
Offertes a tout 5Video Marc Dorcel1995 O
Offertes a tout 6Video Marc Dorcel1995 O
Offertes a tout 7Video Marc Dorcel1995 O
Offertes a tout 8Video Marc Dorcel1995 O
Open GamesDBM Video1995  
Orgy: The XXX Championship 1Video Marc Dorcel2011 DRO
Penetration 1Anabolic Video19962DRO
Penetration 2Anabolic Video19961DRO
Penetration 3Anabolic Video19964DRO
Penetration 4Anabolic Video19963DRO
Penetration 5Anabolic Video19964DRO
Penetration 6Anabolic Video19974DRO
Penetration 7Anabolic Video19974DRO
Penetration 8Anabolic Video19975DRO
Penetration 9Anabolic Video19984DRO
Pink ParadeDBM Video1994  
PipelineDBM Video1996 DR
Porno dottoressaGrand'Idea1993  
Private Gold 18: ReporterPrivate19973DRO
Private Gold 20: Dead Man's WishPrivate19975DRO
Private Gold 29: The Perversion of BarbaraPrivate19984DRO
Private Stories 17Private19973DRO
Private Triple X Files 10: MemoriesPrivate19986DRO
Private Triple X Files 11: JenniferPrivate19984DO
Private Triple X Files 12: Eat UpPrivate19984DR
Private Triple X Files 2Private19984RO
Private Triple X Files 3: AdelePrivate19985DRO
Private Triple X Files 5: SilviePrivate19984DRO
Private Triple X Files 6: Katja KeanPrivate19987DRO
Private Triple X Files 7: LauraPrivate19985DRO
Private Triple X Files 8: DungeonPrivate19982DRO
Private Triple X Files 9: HyapatiaPrivate19984DRO
Private Xtreme 42: Cherry Jul's Extreme Gang Bang PartyPrivate20082O
Profession: Porn ActressPrivate19988DO
Pure DynamiteDBM Video1995  
Rear EntranceDBM Video1995  
Remembers of Mr. ClarkDBM Video1993  
Romanian AngelsEvil Angel20072DRO
Russian AngelsEvil Angel20075DRO
Russian Angels 2Evil Angel2009 DRO
Secretary InsideDBM Video1993  
Slippery HoursDBM Video1996 DO
Sperm InjectionDBM Video1994  
Start UpDBM Video1996  
Suck My Cunt 1Evil Angel2013 DR
Suck My Cunt 2Evil Angel20131DRO
SwallowEvil Angel20054DRO
Sweet RevengeDBM Video1994 O
Teeny Bikini BabesBluebird Films2009 DRO
Teeny ToysDBM Video1996  
Temptations of ClarissePrivate19975DRO
Top Wet Girls 1Evil Angel20082DRO
Top Wet Girls 10Evil Angel20112DRO
Top Wet Girls 11Evil Angel20111DRO
Top Wet Girls 12Evil Angel2012 DO
Top Wet Girls 2Evil Angel20082DRO
Top Wet Girls 3Evil Angel20092DRO
Top Wet Girls 4Evil Angel20095DRO
Top Wet Girls 5Evil Angel20102DRO
Top Wet Girls 6Evil Angel20101DRO
Top Wet Girls 7Evil Angel20102DRO
Top Wet Girls 8Evil Angel20112DRO
Top Wet Girls 9Evil Angel20111DRO
Totally NakedVCA19941 
Triple X 21Private19961 
Triple X 22Private19972 
Triple X 23Private19972 
Triple X 24Private19972 
Triple X 28Private19973 
Triple X 31Private19972 
Videos Privees De PornstarsVideo Marc Dorcel2012 O
War GamesDBM Video1993  
Weekend in BolognaPrivate19972DRO
Whores D'Oeuvre 1Daring20081DO
Whores D'Oeuvre 2Daring2008 O
Women at WorkBeverly Hills Pictures1996 DO
X-ProphecyDBM Video1996  

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