Max Hardcore

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Max Hardcore


Max Steiner, Sam, Max Hardcore Steiner, Max West

Director AKA

Max Steiner, Sam, Max Hardcore Steiner, Max West


August 10, 1956 (63 years old)




Racine, Wisconsin 

Years Active as Director







Hair Colors



5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm)


165 lbs (75 kg)


Red kissing lips on front of left hip


No data

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
30 Days in the HoleZane Entertainment Group1994 DO
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Adventures in ShoppingZane Entertainment Group19921 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Animalistic UrgesZane Entertainment Group19921 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Between the LinesZane Entertainment Group19922 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Cafe LifeZane Entertainment Group19941 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Full ThrottleZane Entertainment Group19941 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: High VoltageZane Entertainment Group19942 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: HombreZane Entertainment Group19952O
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Love HurtsZane Entertainment Group19951 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Sunset BoulevardZane Entertainment Group19921 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Suzy SuperslutZane Entertainment Group19931 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: Video GamesZane Entertainment Group19941 
Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore: WildlifeZane Entertainment Group19941 
Anal AgonyZane Entertainment Group19941 
Anal AnonymousZane Entertainment Group1994  
Anal Cum QueensZane Entertainment Group19952 
Anal DestroyerZane Entertainment Group1995 D
Anal InjuryZane Entertainment Group1994  
Anal TortureZane Entertainment Group1994  
Anal Vision 18L.B.O. Entertainment1993 DO
Anal Vision 27L.B.O. Entertainment1994 O
Anal Vision 5L.B.O. Entertainment19931DO
Analtown USA 12Nitro Productions1996  
Ass Master 2Glitz Video1993 D
Ass Master 3Glitz Video1993  
Ass Master 4Glitz Video1993  
Ass Master 5Glitz Video1994  
Ass Master 6Glitz Video19942 
Ass Master 7Glitz Video1994  
Best of the Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore 1Zane Entertainment Group19941 
Black AttackZane Entertainment Group1994  
Casting Call 10Soho Video1995  
Casting Call 11Soho Video1995  
Casting Call 12Soho Video1995  
Casting Call 13Soho Video19951 
Casting Call 14Soho Video19951 
Casting Call 15Soho Video19951 
Casting Call 16Soho Video19961 
Casting Call 17Soho Video19961 
Casting Call 18Soho Video1996  
Casting Call 2Soho Video19931DRO
Casting Call 3Soho Video1993 DO
Casting Call 4Soho Video1994  
Casting Call 5Soho Video1994  
Casting Call 6Soho Video19942 
Casting Call 7Soho Video1994  
Casting Call 8Soho Video1994  
Casting Call 9Soho Video19951 
Cherry Poppers 1Zane Entertainment Group19942O
Cherry Poppers 10Zane Entertainment Group19951 
Cherry Poppers 2Zane Entertainment Group19942O
Cherry Poppers 3Zane Entertainment Group19941O
Cherry Poppers 4Zane Entertainment Group19941DO
Cherry Poppers 5Zane Entertainment Group19942DO
Cherry Poppers 6Zane Entertainment Group19941DO
Cherry Poppers 7Zane Entertainment Group19942DO
Cherry Poppers 8Zane Entertainment Group1995 O
Cherry Poppers 9Zane Entertainment Group1995 DO
Costa Rica GetawayPrivate1994 DO
Costa Rica StudiesPrivate1994 DO
Dirtiest Girl in the WorldZane Entertainment Group1992  
Dirty DinerGlitz Video1993  
Dirty Diner 2Glitz Video1993  
Dirty Diner 3Glitz Video1993  
Do The White ThingZane Entertainment Group19921 
Extreme Schoolgirls 1Max Hardcore20031 
Extreme Schoolgirls 10Max Hardcore20051O
Extreme Schoolgirls 11Max Hardcore2005 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 12Max Hardcore20051O
Extreme Schoolgirls 13Max Hardcore2006 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 14Max Hardcore2006 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 15Max Hardcore2006 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 16Max Hardcore2006 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 17Max Hardcore2007 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 18Max Hardcore2007 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 19Max Hardcore2008  
Extreme Schoolgirls 2Max Hardcore2003 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 20Max Hardcore2008 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 3Max Hardcore2003 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 4Max Hardcore2003 O
Extreme Schoolgirls 5Max Hardcore20034O
Extreme Schoolgirls 6Max Hardcore2004 RO
Extreme Schoolgirls 7Max Hardcore20041O
Extreme Schoolgirls 8Max Hardcore20041O
Extreme Schoolgirls 9Max Hardcore2005 O
Fists of FuryMax Hardcore2004  
Fists of Fury 2Max Hardcore2004  
Fists of Fury 3Max Hardcore2004  
Fists of Fury 4Max Hardcore2006  
Fists of Fury 5Max Hardcore2006  
Fuck PuppetsMax Hardcore2009 O
Fuck Puppets 20Max Hardcore2013 O
Girls From Butthole RidgeZane Entertainment Group19941O
Golden Guzzlers 1Max Hardcore19971 
Golden Guzzlers 2Max Hardcore1998  
Golden Guzzlers 3Max Hardcore2002  
Golden Guzzlers 4Max Hardcore2002  
Golden Guzzlers 5Max Hardcore2004  
Golden Guzzlers 6Max Hardcore2003  
Golden Guzzlers 7Max Hardcore2006  
Golden Guzzlers 8Max Hardcore2007  
Hard As a RockZane Entertainment Group1992  
Hardcore Collection 7L.B.O. Entertainment1995 O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 1Filmwest Productions19951 
Hardcore Schoolgirls 10Legend Video19992O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 11Legend Video19992O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 12Legend Video20001O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 13Legend Video20001O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 14Legend Video20003O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 15Legend Video20002 
Hardcore Schoolgirls 16Legend Video20001 
Hardcore Schoolgirls 17Legend Video20001O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 18Max Hardcore2001 O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 19Max Hardcore2001  
Hardcore Schoolgirls 2Xplor Media Group19951 
Hardcore Schoolgirls 20Max Hardcore2001  
Hardcore Schoolgirls 3Xplor Media Group19951 
Hardcore Schoolgirls 4Xplor Media Group1996 O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 5Xplor Media Group19962 
Hardcore Schoolgirls 6Legend Video19993 
Hardcore Schoolgirls 7Legend Video19973O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 8Legend Video19994O
Hardcore Schoolgirls 9Legend Video19993O
Hitchhiker 1Zane Entertainment Group1993  
Hitchhiker 10Zane Entertainment Group1995  
Hitchhiker 11Zane Entertainment Group19951 
Hitchhiker 12Zane Entertainment Group19951 
Hitchhiker 13Zane Entertainment Group1995  
Hitchhiker 14Zane Entertainment Group1995  
Hitchhiker 15Zane Entertainment Group19951 
Hitchhiker 16Zane Entertainment Group1996  
Hitchhiker 17Zane Entertainment Group19963 
Hitchhiker 2Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Hitchhiker 3Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Hitchhiker 4Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Hitchhiker 5Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Hitchhiker 6Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Hitchhiker 7Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Hitchhiker 8Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Hollywood Hardcore 1Legend Video19983 
Hollywood Hardcore 10Legend Video19991O
Hollywood Hardcore 11Legend Video19991 
Hollywood Hardcore 12Legend Video20001O
Hollywood Hardcore 13Legend Video20001 
Hollywood Hardcore 14Legend Video20001 
Hollywood Hardcore 15Legend Video20001 
Hollywood Hardcore 16Legend Video20001 
Hollywood Hardcore 2Legend Video19981 
Hollywood Hardcore 3Filmwest Productions19981 
Hollywood Hardcore 4Legend Video19991 
Hollywood Hardcore 5Legend Video19991O
Hollywood Hardcore 6Legend Video1999  
Hollywood Hardcore 7Legend Video19991 
Hollywood Hardcore 8Legend Video19991 
Hollywood Hardcore 9Legend Video19991 
Howard Sperm's Private PartyL.B.O. Entertainment19942DO
Inside JobZane Entertainment Group1992 DRO
Kissing FieldsPrivate19951DRO
Madam HollywoodIn-X-Cess Productions1993  
Max 1: Anal HolocaustFilmwest Productions1995 O
Max 10: Dirty DeedsFrontier Media19962 
Max 11: Tunnel of LustLegend Video19962 
Max 12: Spread EagleLegend Video19961 
Max 13: Resistance is FutileLegend Video19972 
Max 14: Pearl NecklaceLegend Video1997  
Max 15: Street LegalLegend Video19973 
Max 16: America's Most WantedLegend Video1997  
Max 17: Dead Or AliveLegend Video1997  
Max 18: Sleazy StreetsLegend Video19971 
Max 19: Nasty NymphsFilmwest Productions1997  
Max 2: Ass MasterFilmwest Productions1994  
Max 20: Fuck ToysLegend Video19981 
Max 3: Cum Hungry SlutsFilmwest Productions1995  
Max 4: The Harder They ComeFilmwest Productions1995  
Max 5: The Harder They FallFilmwest Productions1995  
Max 6: Going SouthFrontier Media1995  
Max 7: French KissXplor Media Group19951 
Max 8: The FugitiveFrontier Media19951O
Max 9: Where Danger LurksFrontier Media19962 
Max Faktor 1Max Hardcore2002  
Max Faktor 10Max Hardcore2004 O
Max Faktor 11Max Hardcore20041O
Max Faktor 12Max Hardcore2005 O
Max Faktor 13Max Hardcore20051O
Max Faktor 14Max Hardcore20053O
Max Faktor 15Max Hardcore2005 O
Max Faktor 16Max Hardcore2005 O
Max Faktor 17Max Hardcore2006 O
Max Faktor 18Max Hardcore2006 O
Max Faktor 19Max Hardcore2007 O
Max Faktor 2Max Hardcore20023O
Max Faktor 20Max Hardcore2007 O
Max Faktor 3Max Hardcore20021O
Max Faktor 4Max Hardcore2003 O
Max Faktor 5Max Hardcore2003 O
Max Faktor 6Max Hardcore20031O
Max Faktor 7Max Hardcore2003 O
Max Faktor 8Max Hardcore20033O
Max Faktor 9Max Hardcore2004 O
Max Gold 2Max Hardcore19961 
Max Gold 3Max Hardcore1996  
Max Gold 4Max Hardcore2002  
Max Gold 5Max Hardcore2002  
Max Gold 6Legend Video19983 
Max Hardcore Extreme 1Legend Video1998  
Max Hardcore Extreme 10Legend Video19991 
Max Hardcore Extreme 11Legend Video20002O
Max Hardcore Extreme 12Legend Video20002 
Max Hardcore Extreme 13Legend Video20001 
Max Hardcore Extreme 14Legend Video20001O
Max Hardcore Extreme 15Legend Video20001O
Max Hardcore Extreme 16Max Hardcore20011O
Max Hardcore Extreme 17Max Hardcore20011O
Max Hardcore Extreme 18Max Hardcore2001 O
Max Hardcore Extreme 19Max Hardcore2002  
Max Hardcore Extreme 2Legend Video19982O
Max Hardcore Extreme 20Max Hardcore2002  
Max Hardcore Extreme 3Legend Video1998 O
Max Hardcore Extreme 4Legend Video19982 
Max Hardcore Extreme 5Legend Video19992O
Max Hardcore Extreme 6Legend Video1999  
Max Hardcore Extreme 7Legend Video19991O
Max Hardcore Extreme 8Legend Video19991O
Max Hardcore Extreme 9Legend Video19993O
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 1Legend Video19964 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 10Legend Video19971 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 11Legend Video19982 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 12Legend Video19982 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 2Legend Video19962 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 3Legend Video1997  
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 4Legend Video19961 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 5Legend Video1997  
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 6Legend Video19971 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 7Legend Video19971 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 8Legend Video19971 
Max Hardcore's Anal Auditions 9Legend Video19971 
Max World 10: Planet Of WomenLegend Video19971 
Max World 11: Money For NothingLegend Video19972 
Max World 12: Chicks For FreeLegend Video19974 
Max World 13: Down To The WaterlineFilmwest Productions19983 
Max World 14: Tear It Up!Legend Video19981 
Max World 15: Riviera ReamingLegend Video19981 
Max World 16: Run Away!Legend Video19983 
Max World 17: Heavy HandedLegend Video19994 
Max World 18: Full ShredLegend Video19994 
Max World 19: Cities On FlameLegend Video19992 
Max World 2: Europa IssueFrontier Media19951 
Max World 20: That's All FolksLegend Video19992 
Max World 3: Formula 1Xplor Media Group19961 
Max World 4: Let's PartyXplor Media Group19962 
Max World 5: Monte CarloLegend Video19961 
Max World 6: Rolling And ReamingLegend Video19963 
Max World 7: Tube Steak BoogieFilmwest Productions19972 
Max World 8: Under PressureLegend Video19971 
Max World 9: Bad to the BoneLegend Video19971 
Max, Don't Fuck Up My MommyMax Hardcore2006 O
Maxed Out 1Legend Video19974 
Maxed Out 10Legend Video19982 
Maxed Out 11Legend Video19984O
Maxed Out 12Legend Video19981O
Maxed Out 13Legend Video1999 O
Maxed Out 14Legend Video19992O
Maxed Out 15Legend Video19991O
Maxed Out 16Legend Video19991O
Maxed Out 17Legend Video19991 
Maxed Out 18Legend Video19991O
Maxed Out 19Legend Video20001 
Maxed Out 2Legend Video1997  
Maxed Out 20Legend Video20002 
Maxed Out 3Legend Video1997  
Maxed Out 4Legend Video19972 
Maxed Out 5Legend Video19972 
Maxed Out 6Legend Video19971O
Maxed Out 7Filmwest Productions19981 
Maxed Out 8Filmwest Productions19982O
Maxed Out 9Legend Video19981 
Nasty Backdoor NursesL.B.O. Entertainment1994 DO
Patriot DamesZane Entertainment Group19921O
Planet Max 1Legend Video20003 
Planet Max 10Max Hardcore20011O
Planet Max 11Max Hardcore2001 O
Planet Max 12Max Hardcore20022O
Planet Max 13Max Hardcore2001 O
Planet Max 14Max Hardcore2003 O
Planet Max 15Max Hardcore2003 O
Planet Max 16Max Hardcore20031 
Planet Max 17Max Hardcore20031O
Planet Max 18Max Hardcore20031 
Planet Max 19Max Hardcore20041O
Planet Max 2Legend Video19995O
Planet Max 20Max Hardcore2004 O
Planet Max 3Legend Video20001O
Planet Max 4Legend Video20001O
Planet Max 5Legend Video20001O
Planet Max 6Legend Video20002 
Planet Max 7Legend Video20011O
Planet Max 8Legend Video2001 O
Planet Max 9Max Hardcore20011 
Pretty Young Things Escort ServiceZane Entertainment Group1995  
Private Stories 10Private19964DO
Private Stories 16Private19973DRO
Private Stories 17Private19973DRO
Private Video Magazine 11Private19942 
Private Video Magazine 13Private1994  
Private Video Magazine 18Private1995  
Private Video Magazine 2Private19931 
Private Video Magazine 4Private1993  
Private Video Magazine 5Private19932 
Pure Max 1Max Hardcore20002 
Pure Max 10Max Hardcore2003 O
Pure Max 11Max Hardcore2003 O
Pure Max 12Max Hardcore20031O
Pure Max 13Max Hardcore2003 O
Pure Max 14Max Hardcore20033O
Pure Max 15Max Hardcore2004 O
Pure Max 16Max Hardcore2004 O
Pure Max 17Max Hardcore2004 O
Pure Max 18Max Hardcore20051 
Pure Max 19Max Hardcore2005 O
Pure Max 2Max Hardcore20001O
Pure Max 20Max Hardcore20051 
Pure Max 3Max Hardcore20011O
Pure Max 4Max Hardcore2001  
Pure Max 5Max Hardcore20011RO
Pure Max 6Max Hardcore2001 O
Pure Max 7Max Hardcore20011O
Pure Max 8Max Hardcore20011O
Pure Max 9Max Hardcore20012O
Puritan Magazine 3Legend Video19961DRO
Puritan Magazine 4Legend Video1996 DO
Rectal RodeoZane Entertainment Group19941 
Sex FugitiveLegend Video1993  
Shaver Among UsZane Entertainment Group19921 
Stars and StarletsZane Entertainment Group1994  
Take This Wad And Shove It!Zane Entertainment Group1994  
Triple X 20Private19962 
Triple X 21Private19961 
Triple X 22Private19972 
Triple X 31Private19972 
Universal Max 1Max Hardcore20041O
Universal Max 10Max Hardcore2008 O
Universal Max 11Max Hardcore2008 O
Universal Max 12Max Hardcore2008 O
Universal Max 13Max Hardcore2009 O
Universal Max 14Max Hardcore2012 O
Universal Max 2Max Hardcore20052O
Universal Max 3Max Hardcore20051O
Universal Max 4Max Hardcore2004  
Universal Max 5Max Hardcore2005 O
Universal Max 6Max Hardcore2006 O
Universal Max 7Max Hardcore2006  
Universal Max 8Max Hardcore2006 O
Universal Max 9Max Hardcore2007 O
World According To Max 1: Southern CrossXplor Media Group19952 

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