Pierre Woodman

Photo of Pierre Woodman

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Jean-Paul Bouchet, Pierre Boismonsieur

Director AKA

Jean-Paul Bouchet, Pierre Boismonsieur


April 29, 1963 (56 years old)




Auvergne, France 

Years Active as Director







Hair Color



6 feet, 1 inches (185 cm)


187 lbs (85 kg)


No data


No data

AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Foreign Release, Hustler EXXXotica 1 (2002)
Nominee: Best Director: Video, Brazilian Snake 1 (2001)
Nominee: Best Director: Video, Brazilian Snake 2 (2001)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
Absolute ParadiseWoodman Entertainment2008  
Adventures of Pierre Woodman 10: Behind the ScenesPrivate20051O
Adventures of Pierre Woodman 2: On The Road To FamePrivate2005  
Adventures of Pierre Woodman 3: Coming of AgePrivate20051DRO
Adventures of Pierre Woodman 6: The Later YearsPrivate2005 DR
Adventures of Pierre Woodman 8: Dangerous ShotsPrivate20051DRO
Adventures of Pierre Woodman 9: CastingsPrivate20051DRO
Alice Dumb Castingwoodmancastingx.com2012  
Alice March Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Alisha Rage Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
All-Time Best XXXHustler Video20071DRO
Allegra Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Amazonian DreamsWoodman Entertainment20072RO
Amy White Castingwoodmancastingx.com2014  
Anal Intensive 1Hustler Video20026DRO
Anal Intensive 10Hustler Video20032DRO
Anal Intensive 11Hustler Video20032DRO
Anal Intensive 12Hustler Video20042DRO
Anal Intensive 13Hustler Video20044DRO
Anal Intensive 2Hustler Video20025DRO
Anal Intensive 3Hustler Video20023DRO
Anal Intensive 4Hustler Video20023DO
Anal Intensive 5Hustler Video20035DRO
Anal Intensive 6Hustler Video20035DRO
Anal Intensive 7Hustler Video20035DRO
Anal Intensive 8Hustler Video20034DRO
Anal Intensive 9Hustler Video20033DRO
Angel Hott - WSG 5woodmancastingx.com2015  
Angel Hott Castingwoodmancastingx.com2013  
Angel Rush - Casting Hardwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Area-X69 11woodmancastingx.com2016  
Aria Haze Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Arsenic 1Hustler Video20024DRO
Arsenic 2Hustler Video20025DRO
Babes in BrazilWoodman Entertainment2007 DRO
Bella Charleston - Casting Hardwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Best by Private 30: Anal FuriesPrivate20022DO
Best by Private 32: Brunettes on FirePrivate20022DRO
Brazilian Snake 1Hustler Video20018DO
Brazilian Snake 2Hustler Video20017DRO
Campus Confessions 1Hustler Video20024DRO
Carolina Abril - Hard - Bed + 2 Boyswoodmancastingx.com2013  
Cecilia Scott Hardwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Clea Gaultier - Hard - Intensive sex with 3 menwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Deborah Diamond Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Dellai Twins Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Ebony DreamsPrivate20041DRO
Elena Koshka Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Elle Rose - Hard - Heavily impacted by 4 menwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Elle Rose - XXXX - Banged by 4 bastardswoodmancastingx.com2018  
Elle Rose Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Erika Korti Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Gabriella Salvatore - Updated Casting X 141woodmancastingx.com2015  
Gigolo 1Private19954DO
Gigolo 2Private19954DO
Golden Triangle 1Private19941 
Golden Triangle 2Private1994  
Happy BirthdayHustler Video20004DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 1Hustler Video2003 DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 10Hustler Video2005 DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 11Hustler Video20052DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 14Hustler Video2006  
Hustler Casting Couch 2Hustler Video2003 DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 3Hustler Video20041DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 4Hustler Video20041DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 5Hustler Video20042DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 6Hustler Video20041DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 7Hustler Video20041DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 8Hustler Video20021DRO
Hustler Casting Couch 9Hustler Video20051DRO
Hustler EXXXotica 1Hustler Video20026DRO
Hustler EXXXotica 2Hustler Video20023DRO
Hustler EXXXotica 3Hustler Video20036DRO
Hustler EXXXotica 4Hustler Video20033DRO
Hustler XXX 1Hustler Video20004DO
Hustler XXX 10Hustler Video20013DRO
Hustler XXX 11Hustler Video20013DRO
Hustler XXX 12Hustler Video20024DRO
Hustler XXX 13Hustler Video20024DRO
Hustler XXX 14Hustler Video20023DRO
Hustler XXX 15Hustler Video20022DRO
Hustler XXX 16Hustler Video20022DRO
Hustler XXX 17Hustler Video20023DRO
Hustler XXX 18Hustler Video20032DRO
Hustler XXX 19Hustler Video20033DRO
Hustler XXX 2Hustler Video20001DRO
Hustler XXX 20Hustler Video20032DRO
Hustler XXX 21Hustler Video20033DRO
Hustler XXX 22Hustler Video20032DRO
Hustler XXX 23Hustler Video20032DRO
Hustler XXX 24Hustler Video20043DRO
Hustler XXX 25Hustler Video20041DRO
Hustler XXX 26Hustler Video20042DRO
Hustler XXX 3Hustler Video20001DRO
Hustler XXX 4Hustler Video20008DRO
Hustler XXX 5Hustler Video20004DO
Hustler XXX 6Hustler Video20004DRO
Hustler XXX 7Hustler Video20012DRO
Hustler XXX 8Hustler Video2001 DRO
Hustler XXX 9Hustler Video20013DRO
Indecency 1Private19988DRO
Indecency 2Private19986DO
Julia Gomez Castingwoodmancastingx.com2014  
Julia Parker Hardwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Kimber Delice Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Lana Rhoades - Casting X 175woodmancastingx.com2017  
Lilien Ford Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Manipulation 1Hustler Video20042DR
Manipulation 2Hustler Video20042DRO
Mary Kalisy Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Masha Ray Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Merri Heys Castingwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Milana Blanc: Hard: My First DAP with 3 Menwoodmancastingx.com2017  
Mina Sauvage Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
My First Time 1Private19991RO
Naomi Bennet Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Nina North Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
No Man's Land European Edition 1Video Team20011DRO
Perfectionist 1Woodman Entertainment20071DO
Perfectionist 2Woodman Entertainment2008 DRO
Perfectionist 3Woodman Entertainment2008 O
Prague Discovery with 4 Menwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Private Castings X 1Private19974DO
Private Castings X 10Private19983O
Private Castings X 11Private19984O
Private Castings X 12Private19982O
Private Castings X 13Private19992DO
Private Castings X 14Private19984DO
Private Castings X 15Private19993DO
Private Castings X 16Private19992O
Private Castings X 17Private19993DO
Private Castings X 18Private19993O
Private Castings X 19Private19992DO
Private Castings X 2Private19973DO
Private Castings X 20Private19991DO
Private Castings X 21Private20003O
Private Castings X 22Private20001DO
Private Castings X 23Private20003O
Private Castings X 24Private20003O
Private Castings X 25Private2000 DO
Private Castings X 26Private2000 O
Private Castings X 27Private20012O
Private Castings X 28Private20011O
Private Castings X 29Private20013 
Private Castings X 3Private19976DO
Private Castings X 30Private20012DO
Private Castings X 31Private20011O
Private Castings X 32Private20023DO
Private Castings X 33Private20013O
Private Castings X 34Private20023O
Private Castings X 35Private2002 O
Private Castings X 36Private20021DO
Private Castings X 37Private20022O
Private Castings X 38Private20024DO
Private Castings X 39Private20021DO
Private Castings X 4Private19975DO
Private Castings X 40Private20022DO
Private Castings X 41Private2002 DO
Private Castings X 42Private2002 D
Private Castings X 43Private2003 DR
Private Castings X 44Private20031D
Private Castings X 45Private20031DRO
Private Castings X 46Private2003 DR
Private Castings X 47Private2003 DRO
Private Castings X 48Private2003 DRO
Private Castings X 49Private2003 DRO
Private Castings X 5Private19974DO
Private Castings X 50Private20031DRO
Private Castings X 6Private19984DO
Private Castings X 7Private19983DRO
Private Castings X 8Private19984DO
Private Castings X 9Private19983DO
Private Gold 11: The Pyramid 1Private19968DRO
Private Gold 12: The Pyramid 2Private19965DO
Private Gold 13: The Pyramid 3Private19963DO
Private Gold 14: Sweet Baby 1Private19963DRO
Private Gold 15: Sweet Baby 2Private19972DO
Private Gold 22: The Fugitive 1Private19976DO
Private Gold 23: The Fugitive 2Private19973DO
Private Gold 26: Tatiana 1Private199713DO
Private Gold 27: Tatiana 2Private19986DO
Private Gold 28: Tatiana 3Private19989DRO
Private Gold 30: Fatal Orchid 1Private19984D
Private Gold 31: Fatal Orchid 2Private19984DRO
Private Gold 34: CollectorPrivate19984DRO
Private Gold 35: African DreamPrivate199910DRO
Private Gold 36: Sex Therapy 1Private19996DRO
Private Gold 37: Sex Therapy 2Private19993DRO
Private Gold 38: NetworkPrivate19994DO
Private Gold 39: Domestic AffairsPrivate19993DO
Private Gold 40: House of LovePrivate19994DO
Private Gold 41: Madness 1Private20005DR
Private Gold 42: Madness 2Private20004DO
Private Gold 43: No Sun No FunPrivate20002DO
Private Gold 44: Riviera 1Private20005DRO
Private Gold 45: Riviera 2Private20013DO
Private Gold 46: Riviera 3Private20013DRO
Private Gold 47: Bitches 1Private20014DO
Private Gold 48: Bitches 2Private20012O
Private Gold 49: Exotic Illusions 1Private20014DRO
Private Gold 5: Cape Town 1Private19963DRO
Private Gold 50: Exotic Illusions 2Private20013DO
Private Gold 6: Cape Town 2Private19964DO
Private Gold 7: Kruger ParkPrivate19964DO
Private Gold 78: Sex City 1Private20067DRO
Private Gold 80: Sex City 2Private20065DRO
Private Gold 82: Sex City 3Private20061DRO
Private Life of Angel DarkPrivate20072DO
Private Triple X Files 11: JenniferPrivate19984DO
Private Triple X Files 12: Eat UpPrivate19984DR
Private Triple X Files 6: Katja KeanPrivate19987DRO
Private Triple X Files 7: LauraPrivate19985DRO
Private Triple X Files 8: DungeonPrivate19982DRO
Private Video Magazine 14Private1994  
Private Video Magazine 16Private19942 
Private Video Magazine 18Private1995  
Private Video Magazine 2Private19931 
Private Video Magazine 24Private19951 
Private Video Magazine 25Private19951 
Private Video Magazine 4Private1993  
Private Video Magazine 5Private19932 
Private Video Magazine 6Private1994  
Private Video Magazine 7Private19931 
Private XXX 2Private19992DRO
Private XXX 3Private19992DRO
Private XXX 4Private19993DRO
Private XXX 6Private19995DRO
Private XXX 7Private19991DRO
Private XXX 8Private20002DRO
Rachel Adjani Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Safe SexBlue One1999  
Sex and GunsPrivate20032 
Sex Carnage 1Ninn Worx2008 DO
Sex Carnage 2Woodman Entertainment2008 O
Sex Carnage 22Woodman Entertainment2011 O
Sex Carnage 23Woodman Entertainment2011 O
Sex Carnage 3Woodman Entertainment2008  
Sex Carnage 4Woodman Entertainment2008 O
Sophia Laure Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Stella Cox Castingwoodmancastingx.com2015  
Superfuckers 1Private19993DO
Superfuckers 10Private20014DRO
Superfuckers 11Private20011DRO
Superfuckers 12Private20013DO
Superfuckers 13Hustler Video20015DRO
Superfuckers 14Hustler Video20023DRO
Superfuckers 15Hustler Video20023DO
Superfuckers 16Hustler Video20025DRO
Superfuckers 17Hustler Video20023DRO
Superfuckers 18Hustler Video20023DRO
Superfuckers 19Hustler Video20022DRO
Superfuckers 2Private2000 DO
Superfuckers 20Hustler Video20034DRO
Superfuckers 21H2 Video20033R
Superfuckers 22H2 Video20034DO
Superfuckers 23H2 Video20033DO
Superfuckers 24H2 Video2004 DO
Superfuckers 25H2 Video2005 R
Superfuckers 3Private20003DO
Superfuckers 4Private19991DRO
Superfuckers 5Private20004DRO
Superfuckers 6Private20002DRO
Superfuckers 7Private20007DO
Superfuckers 8Private20003DRO
Superfuckers 9Private20015DRO
Swabery Babywoodmancastingx.com2017  
Tania Russof, The Story 1Private19994O
Tania Russof, The Story 2Private19991O
That'$ Life 1Private19985DRO
That'$ Life 2Private19984DO
Tower 1Private19956DRO
Tower 2Private19955O
Tower 3Private19953O
Triple X 12Private19962DRO
Triple X 13Private19962R
Triple X 14Private19963DR
Triple X 18Private19962 
Triple X 2Private19953 
Triple X 21Private19961 
Triple X 22Private19972 
Triple X 23Private19972 
Triple X 27Private19972 
Triple X 28Private19973 
Triple X 31Private19972 
Triple X 4Private19953 
Triple X 5Private19953 
Triple X 6Private19951DRO
Triple X 7Private19952DRO
Triple X 8Private19953DRO
Triple X 9Private19963DRO
Tropical SecretWoodman Entertainment2007 DRO
Tyna Shy Castingwoodmancastingx.com2016  
Vanessa Rodriguez Casting Xwoodmancastingx.com2014  
Vanessa Rodriguez Hard - In Bed With 3 Menwoodmancastingx.com2014  
Wild WavesNinn Worx2008 DO
Woodman Casting X 100Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 101Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 102Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 103Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 104Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 105Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 106Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 107Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 108Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 109Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 111Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 112Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 113Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 114Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 115Woodman Entertainment2013  
Woodman Casting X 116Woodman Entertainment2014  
Woodman Casting X 65Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 66Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 67Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 68Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 69Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 70Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 71Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 72Woodman Entertainment2009  
Woodman Casting X 73Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 74Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 75Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 76Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 77Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 78Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 79Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 80Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 81Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 82Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 83Woodman Entertainment2010  
Woodman Casting X 84Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 85Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 86Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 87Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 88Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 89Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 90Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 91Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 92Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 93Woodman Entertainment2011  
Woodman Casting X 94Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 95Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 96Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 97Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 98Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X 99Woodman Entertainment2012  
Woodman Casting X: Molly Maewoodmancastingx.com2016  
WoodmanCastingX: Angel Crushwoodmancastingx.com2018  
WoodmanCastingX: Darinawoodmancastingx.com2013  
WoodmanCastingX: Halona Vogwoodmancastingx.com2018  
WoodmanCastingX: Jessika Nightwoodmancastingx.com2016  
WoodmanCastingX: Jessika Slimwoodmancastingx.com2019  
WoodmanCastingX: Kaia Katavawoodmancastingx.com2018  
WoodmanCastingX: Krystina Bluewoodmancastingx.com2009  
WoodmanCastingX: Lenka Soshwoodmancastingx.com2019  
WoodmanCastingX: Megan Venturiwoodmancastingx.com2019  
WoodmanCastingX: Meri Kriswoodmancastingx.com2019  
WoodmanCastingX: Mia Navarrowoodmancastingx.com2018  
WoodmanCastingX: Miss Melissawoodmancastingx.com2019  
WoodmanCastingX: Nicole Brixwoodmancastingx.com2019  
WUNF 1wakeupnfuck.com2010  
WUNF 102wakeupnfuck.com2013  
WUNF 107wakeupnfuck.com2013  
WUNF 109wakeupnfuck.com2013  
WUNF 119wakeupnfuck.com2014  
WUNF 122woodmancastingx.com2014  
WUNF 124wakeupnfuck.com2014  
WUNF 125wakeupnfuck.com2014  
WUNF 128wakeupnfuck.com2014  
WUNF 13wakeupnfuck.com2010  
WUNF 134wakeupnfuck.com2014  
WUNF 139wakeupnfuck.com2014  
WUNF 146wakeupnfuck.com2015  
WUNF 160woodmancastingx.com2015  
WUNF 164wakeupnfuck.com2015  
WUNF 168wakeupnfuck.com2015  
WUNF 169wakeupnfuck.com2015  
WUNF 173wakeupnfuck.com2015  
WUNF 174wakeupnfuck.com2015  
WUNF 178wakeupnfuck.com2016  
WUNF 181wakeupnfuck.com2016  
WUNF 183woodmancastingx.com2016  
WUNF 189wakeupnfuck.com2016  
WUNF 196wakeupnfuck.com2016  
WUNF 200wakeupnfuck.com2016  
WUNF 201wakeupnfuck.com2016  
WUNF 207wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 208wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 209wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 210wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 211wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 212wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 213woodmancastingx.com2017  
WUNF 214wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 215woodmancastingx.com2017  
WUNF 216woodmancastingx.com2017  
WUNF 217wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 220wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 221wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 222wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 223wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 224wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 226woodmancastingx.com2017  
WUNF 228wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 230wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 231wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 232wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 233wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 234wakeupnfuck.com2017  
WUNF 238wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 240wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 244wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 247wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 248wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 249wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 25wakeupnfuck.com2011  
WUNF 250wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 251wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 252wakeupnfuck.com2018  
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WUNF 254wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 255wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 256wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 257wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 258wakeupnfuck.com2018  
WUNF 5wakeupnfuck.com2010  
WUNF 54woodmancastingx.com2011  
WUNF 62wakeupnfuck.com2012  
WUNF 80wakeupnfuck.com2012  
WUNF 86wakeupnfuck.com2013  
WUNF 87wakeupnfuck.com2013  
WUNF 88wakeupnfuck.com2013  
WUNF 89wakeupnfuck.com2013  
WUNF 93wakeupnfuck.com2013  
Xcalibur 1: The Lords of SexNinn Worx20072DRO
Xcalibur 2: The Lords of SexNinn Worx20072RO
Xcalibur 3: The Lords of SexNinn Worx20072DRO
Young Girls in Lust 1Hustler Video20034DO
Young Girls in Lust 2Hustler Video20033DRO

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