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A Good Source Of Iron (2003)

Starring: , , , , , , ,
Co-starring: Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Brandon Iron, Rick Masters, Steve Holmes

Directed by Brandon Iron

Reviewed by

(8.50 / 10)

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135 Min ( 2 hr 15 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Well I really don't know what to say other than is DEFINALY a niche movie and is NOT for those who have weak stomachs. Now with that said there were some very good performances here, but my pick goes to Brijaye. Personally I would have liked to see more than 2 sex scenes though. I did experience the blurry effect again, it may be a little noticable in the "Technical Difficulties" screen shot. There's not much I know to say really, but if you liked the "Swallow My Pride" series from RLD, your SURE to love this, just like the box says, there was 81 loads swallowed! Nice work to Brandon and PXP.
Scene 1:
Please note some of the male talent I have listed were ones in some of the multi guy scenes that I recognized.

Getting this "vitamins" going we open up to Britney saying "Welcome to A Good Source Of Iron" and holding a wine glass as 12 guys unload into it. After draining their balls into the glass, Britney slams back the glass and drinks down the goo! I was impressed she was able to swallow that many wit out any visual repercussions (gagging or faces), but no sex = no rating, and this scene wasn't included in the rating either; just good old fashion entertainment!
Scene 2: (with Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Rick Masters)
Rating: 9.00/10
Next we see Allura. Allura is an attractive girl with medium length brown hair and natural A cup tits. She starts off saying she's here to swallow, tells us she's 20 and shows off her ass before the guys move in. Allura does a good job of sucking, stroking and deep throating the guys, then eventually cut to her with her head off the edge of a couch as they all fuck her face. After that we then cut to the money shot(s) as all 7 guys unload into her mouth. She shows the cum off, gargles it, then swallows it down! Allura then takes one more load - "A cum chaser" as Brandon called it - and of course swallows it.

After a cut, Allura tells us "I'm still thirsty!", then proceeds to suck off and swallow 11 loads, showing them off before they slide down to her tummy!.

The scene as a whole was good, I think Allura put forth some nice energy while sucking and was a sport for swallowing 18 loads!
Scene 3: (with Brandon Iron)
Rating: 9.00/10
Next up we have Britney and Brandon. Britney is a cute girl with short blonde hair and natural D cup tits. The scene opens with Britney on a couch sucking a purple double dong, then uses it on her ass. Soon Brandon moves in and she begins sucking him off for a bit, then we cut to her in doggy and Brandon replaces the dong with his dick; fucking her ass. As he pounds she does some ATM action before we see Britney on her side as he fucks her ass and pussy with her ATM action and showing off some nice gapes. Again we cut and then see her up in reverse cowgirl, still taking the cock up her ass, and eventually we see her in a pile driver as Brandon shows off some gapes as well as fucks her ass with his dick and her pussy with a toy! With the scene winding down, Britney takes his load in her mouth and swallows it down!

Cutting away we then see Britney take on 8 more guys, sucking them off until they blow their loads in her mouth; she swallows them all without a hitch!

This was a very good scene over all, I like Britney and hope to see her in more action, I think she's got some good energy in her!
Scene 4: (with Brandon Iron)
Rating: 7.00/10
Here we have Cassie and Brandon. Cassie is a cute girl with medium length blonde hair and natural C cup tits. The scene opens with Brandon interviewing her where she tells us she's 18, then drops down to get to work; sucking his cock. She sucks and he fucks her face, leading up to the pop, which she takes beautifully on her tongue and swallows it down.
Scene 5:
Rating: 7.50/10
For this scene we have Pamela. Pamela is a cute girl with medium length blonde hair and natural A cup tits (pierced nostril). The scene opens with Pamela out side as Brandon talks to her and she tells us she's French and is here to suck dick and swallow! Cutting inside we watch as she sucks on the cocks until they're ready to cum. The first two loads she takes simultaneously and pushes them out almost immediately, then this screen pops up before she continues and takes 3 more loads; this time swallowing them.

Cutting away we see Pamela on her knees again and she apologizes to Brandon and also tells him she's only been in 3 or 4 scenes so far, then proceeds to suck his cock and swallow his load.

This was a solid cock-sucking scene, Pamela did most of her cock sucking in a sexy sensual way, but when it came time for the swallowing, she wasn't quite ready for that. At least she apologized and took Brandon's load.
Scene 6: (with Steve Holmes)
Rating: 9.00/10
In this scene we have Brijaye. Brijaye is an interesting looking girl with medium length brow hair and natural A cup tits. She starts off telling us she's 24 and is here to "drink a lot of Iron". Cutting away we watch her sucks the dicks, eventually looking at the camera and saying "It's feeding time". The guys then server her with 6 loads of cum in her mouth. She shows them to the camera and then down the hatch they go! Brijaye didn't look too comfortable swallowing the loads though, looked like she almost wasn't going to make it through without vomiting.

Cutting away we see Brijaye on a couch with a vibrating butt plug in her ass and using a vibrator on her pussy. Soon Brijaye steps in and she begins blowing him (deep throating). He then puts her on her back/side (butt plug still in) and slides his cock inside her. Brijaye then does some PTM action, taking Steve's dick al the way DOWN her throat, then we cut to her in reverse cowgirl as she eases her ass down on Steve; she also looked to cum hard. Brijaye is then in doggy with Steve fucking her ass still, showing off small gapes, as Brijaye keeps the vibrator on the clit and she cums hard again! (you could even see the goose bumps on her thighs!) Brijaye then goes around and does some ATM action on Steve, deep throating him again, then cut to her in missionary as the anal keeps going and she uses the vibe on her clit; cumming hard again! Steve then takes a seat on the couch and Brijaye rims him and eventually moves up to cowgirl to get her pussy, then ass, fucked. As the scene winds down we cut to Brijaye on her side getting her ass pumped until Steve delivers an open mouth facial which Brijaye swallows.

Cutting away we see Brijaye on her knees, says "Lets do it!", then takes 11 loads in her mouth and swallows them down!

As an over all scene this was very good, I thoroughly enjoyed the sex with Steve!
Scene 7:
Rating: 9.50/10
For this scene we have Jules. Jules is an attractive girl with short blonde hair and natural A cup tits. During the interview she tells Brandon she's 22, is here to "suck a lot of cock" and her first time swallowing was around 15 or 16. She shows off her body for us then we cut inside and get a better shot of her tits before she dives into the action; sucking/deep throating the dicks. She takes all the loads (8) in her mouth, shows them off and then swallows them down! This was a very good performance from a girl I have never even seen! Jules truly looked into taking the loads, making sure not to lose any out of the corners and even cleans her face up as the guy pop in her mouth!
Scene 8: (with Brandon Iron)
Rating: 9.00/10
Here we have Skye and Brandon. Skye is a decent looking girl with short black hair and natural C cup tits. Brandon starts off interviewing her where we learn she's from Vancouver, Canada, that she loves to swallow and "A good cum eater loves to swallow". Skye eagerly moves to her knees and begins blowing Brandon and eventually takes his load on her tongue, swallowing it down of course.

Cutting away we then see Skye on her knees - "Bring on the cocks baby!" - and they enter. She sucks them off and eventually takes 10 loads in her mouth, shows them off and swallows them down!

Skye did a very good job here, defiantly showing she's a true "cum eater"!
Scene 9: (with Brandon Iron)
Rating: 8.50/10
Wrapping up the movie we have a final quick BJ from Britney. The scene opens and Britney says "I'm back!" and begins blowing Brandon. Shortly afterward she takes the load on her tongue, shows it off then swallows! This was a good ending to a good movie!
Scene 10 (Bonus): (with Brandon Iron)
Rating: 8.00/10
For this scene we have Megen and Brandon. Megen is a cute girl with medium length blonde hair and natural D cup tits. The scene opens with Megen telling us her name, takes off her cloths, exposing her great tits! Moving to her knees she blows Brandon until he lays his load on her tongue. She shows it off then swallows it down! This was a nice little bonus scene, but it was a bit short. This wasn't included in the movies over all rating.