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Raylene's Dirty Work (2009)

Starring: , , , ,

Co-starring: Anthony Rosano, Evan Stone, James Deen, Jerry (Czech), Mick Blue, Mr. Pete

Directed by B. Skow

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(8.80 / 10)

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176 Min ( 2 hr 56 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Being a Raylene fan years back when she was in the business in 1996 to the early 2000's, I was excited to see her back in action. I always loved that grunting she did while fucking. It always seemed sexy to me, and it still there , although I think she's still warming up. As evidence by her later two performances, however she looked damn comfortable with Gianna. Bu who wouldn't? But one thing's for sure, Raylene looked damn good in every scene and from every angle. However the best scene of the flick was easily turned in my Charley Chase - I still can't wait to see this scene again. So, wrapping this up, any Raylene fan needs to get their hands on this title. However, don't be looking for knock-out scenes from her. And as for someone who has no idea who Raylene is, well this is still for you. Very solid performances all around and that scene with Charley Chase is a must-see in my eyes. I'd call this a top tier rental or a easy purchase, depending on your preferences.
Scene 1: ,
Rating: 8.50/10
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Raylene is a sexy looking girl with long black hair and fake DD cup tits. Gianna is also a sexy looking girl, but with long dark red hair and natural DD cup tits. We jump right into the movie as Raylene is doing some cleaning work when she finds Gianna outside sunbathing. After some "communication", the two actually connect for some rather nice kissing. After Raylene gets Gianna's panties off, she sexily pulls at her pubes with her teeth, then they move things inside to a spa. They begin with some kissing and rubbing, then the girl/girl action starts with Gianna knocking Raylene's clit around with her tongue. Of course Raylene gives back, but when she did something I really liked. She closed her legs around Raylene's head and forced her into the pussy, really looking to dig the pussy eating. After another cut, we then see the girls on a couch as Gianna rides/grinds Raylene's leg. Gianna then focuses on Raylene's nipples before breaking out a toy (a double dong) and fucking her with it. But then Gianna decides to get in on some of the action too, sticking the other end in her pussy. Both work it good too. With the toy out, they bump and rub pussies directly, then we cut to Raylene working Gianna's lovebox with a vibrator. Afterwards (and since this is Raylene's movie...) the scene wraps up with Raylene getting some vibe action. This was a good scene too, both girls were into it and some nice energy was put into it as well. And both girls were sporting nice bushes too!
Scene 2: (with Mr. Pete)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Charley is a very sexy girl with long black hair and natural D cup tits. Starting off, she doing some "dirty work", washing a bath tub, but that soon turns into some suds and fun while she gets into a tease bit, which really showcases those killer tits but we also get some nice close-ups of her pussy. Cutting away, she's in a bedroom with Pete, who dives in her ass. Charley then takes the dick down her throat, giving it lots of throating and spit, really just giving a great blow job! Pete then picks her up and eats her pussy while she sits on his shoulders, then he sets her down and begins fucking her hard. Stopping, Pete fingers her to a squirt, then slips back inside her, fucking her until she squirts a few more times. Moving up behind her, Pete continues to rail her box, then keeping the cock in, she moves up to reverse cowgirl. Getting off, they do some 69 action, then she ends up back in reverse for a few before spinning around to cowgirl. Charley rides the cock very good too, doing some really great grinding of it, then she's rolled to her side; getting fucked while facing Pete. We got some great close-ups of the action too. Cutting away, Charley is back in missionary for a few moments, then she flips over onto all fours. After getting some nice close-ups and some nice shots, she slides down into a pile driver, where Pete fucks her until he's ready to cum. Pulling out, he cums all over her pussy and body, then dips the cock in her pussy. She wraps it up nicely with some post-fucking head too! Wow, a very good scene here! Charley gave some great energy and she really seemed to click well with Pete. Some nice chemistry kickin' for this scene. Just everything about this scene made me want to watch it over again...
Scene 3: (with Jerry (Czech), Mick Blue)
Rating: 6.00/10
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We open the scene with Raylene working, of course, ironing some cloths in a sexy little number. Stopping, she gets into a tease routine, getting those big beautiful titties out before lying on a couch and playing with her pussy. After a cut, she's with the guys, sucking and stroking their cocks. Moving on, we then cut to her up in cowgirl, riding Mick first, then moving over to Jerry to ride reverse cowgirl. Her rolls her up occasionally, letting Mick get his dick wet some more, then we have another cut and she's in spoon with Mick while sucking Jerry's cock. The guys switch up the action for a few moments, then it's over to missionary where Raylene gets fucked by Mick. One more time Raylene rides, cowgirl on Jerry, then we cut to her down on her knees as the guys stroke off onto her face. She didn't seem too "OK" with the cum either, if any got anywhere near her mouth she went into a spitting it out. This was an OK scene. It was shot well and Raylene looked good, but it felt very much like a "run through the motions" feel - lots of cuts and Raylene didn't seem all that interested, at least I didn't think so.
Scene 4: (with Anthony Rosano)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Kylee is a pretty girl with long blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Jumping right into some tease, she does a nice job of being sexy, then she starts showing off that beautifully meaty pussy! Opening it up nicely for us too, which was caught with some great close-ups. Anthony eventually makes his way into the scene, eating and fingering her pussy before she takes over sucking and deep throating his dick. Giving him lots of spit to keep it lubed up too over in doggy, she takes the cock from Anthony who also shows her feet some love, then she reaches back and fingers her butthole. Stopping, she cleans her juices off his dick, then lies on her back to get railed some more before going up to cowgirl. Where her finger once again finds her butt. Spinning around, Kylee rides reverse cowgirl and does some great grinding while up there. After a cut, she gets fucked on her side/back and when Anthony is ready, he cums all over her pussy hole. He dips his cock back in to get the cum inside her, then steps out as she scoops up the remaining cum and tastes it before she does some post fucking cock sucking. A solid scene here, Kylee looked really good and the ending to the scene was very nice.
Scene 5: (with James Deen)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Evie is a very attractive girl with long black hair and natural DD cup tits. Evie is looking damn good as she opens the scene cooking bacon, then she slips into a tease routine. Which yielded some great shots of those wonderful tits. After sitting on the counter and playing with her pussy, we cut to Evie in a different room on the floor. Still playing with her pussy, James enters and begins eating it and playing with it until she looks to cum. Giving back, she does a nice and sloppy BJ with a great hand technique, and of course gives up those tit for the fucking as well Up on the couch, and on her side, James starts fucking her pussy, then rolls her up to cowgirl (of sorts, anyway). Evie keeps the dick inside her, and spins around to continue on in reverse. Rolling her down into spoon, the action continues, then she does some PTM before getting fucked on all fours. James then rolls Evie back up to reverse for a few moments before we cut to Evie on her back. James fucks her mouth and tits until he cums on her chest and in her mouth, which she pushes out to end the scene. A good scene! Evie looked amazing and she looked to mesh well with James. She put on a pretty solid performance too.
Scene 6: (with Mr. Pete)
Rating: 7.00/10
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Raylene is doing the dishes to begin with, then she thinks she's in a wet t-shirt contest, giving us a nice peek at those beautiful nipples through her shirt Taking a seat on the floor, she finds a toy and buzzes her clit with it, which was captured close-up, giving us a nice view of her meaty pussy. Cutting away, Pete's in the scene with her and the two are doing some very passionate kissing. Then he takes her lies her down so he can begin eating and fingering her box. After a cut, she gives back with some deep throat action, then after another cut, she riding the cock in cowgirl. Once again we cut, and this time Raylene's taking the cock in spoon, then we cut again and she's in reverse cowgirl. She takes a good pounding too, then we see Raylene on her side with Pete in her ass. After yet another cut, Raylene is back up in reverse cowgirl, this time taking dick up her ass while we get some nice close shots. Then it's back down into spoon, anal again, before Pete pulls out and cums on her belly, then dips it back in her ass for a few strokes and the scene ends. Another not so great outing here from Raylene. Again she looked fantastic, and she seemed a bit more into this one. The anal was a nice touch though.
Scene 7 (Bonus): (with Evan Stone)
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Deleted scene from Dirty Work

Jumping right in, Raylene is on her back as Evan eats and fingers her twat, then in goes the cock. She stops to taste her pussy off him, getting into some 69 action, then it's up to cowgirl where he gives her asshole a good fingering as she rides. Cutting away, we get a nice shot of the inset as Evan fucks her doggy, then she flops down to her belly as he keep pounding and showing off some pussy gapes. After one more cut, Raylene gets fucked on her side until he pulls out and cums on her neck? An OK scene I guess, not as on as her other 3 in the movie - it was definitely best left for a bonus scene.
This disc came with some decent extras. There was 10 minutes of behind the scenes, the aforementioned bonus scene (14 min) and another bonus scene from an older Vivid movie (1998), Laptop. Also, there was a picture gallery, an ad for Vivid's products and some trailers:
The AJ Bailey Experiment
Meggan Does Malibu
Play With Me
Stroke It
With a decent bonus scene and some decent BTS, this one got a +.25 from me.