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(click to enlarge) Dripping With Desire (2019)

Co-starring: Alex Duca

Directed by Freddy Licious & Fran├žois

Reviewed by

(8.75 / 10)

Where to get it
20 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene has been getting a lot of hype, and I really like Karla, so when I got the chance to see it, I took it. Karla (and others) have mentioned how proud of this scene she is - she should be. It was a very well executed scene. Karla and Alex had chemistry, and Karla really looked like she had a good time; cumming a time or two. I also thought the kissing and caressing was awesome, it really made the passion stand out. I will say I'm not a huge fan of shower scenes, they often make things hard to execute from the performers' standpoint. This one suffered some from that too, mainly when they tried to fuck face to face to give us some shots of the penetration. I will admit though, for as awkward as it looked, it was hot seeing Alex's cock slide in and out of Karla's hairy pussy. This is a no-brainer for a recommendation and I know more is to come from AdultTime and ShapeOfBeauty. I can't wait to see more
Cast: (with Alex Duca)
Rating: 8.75/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Standing One Leg Up
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Starting off with some tease, Karla was looking stunning in dark green lingerie before she made her way into the shower. She let her fingering wonder down to her fabulous bush, between her pussy lips, to rub on her clit as the water streamed over her body. When Alex walked in and seen her, he knew what he needed to do, so he stripped down and joined her. Sexily he kissed her, and on her neck, then focused on a little mutual stimulation! Sliding down to her knees, Karla used that fantastically long tongue on his cock while giving some great eye contact. Karla did a really good job, even using her big tits to tit fuck him. Giving his cock a break, Alex took a few moments to eat her out before standing her up and fucking her from behind. After looking to have a quick orgasm, she tasted the cum off his cock, then stood up to get fucked with one leg up on Alex. It was a little awkward looking, honestly, the way Alex had to lean back to give the camera a look at the action. Karla looked like she came once again. Back around behind Karla, Alex slipped back inside her with some great sounds of their wet skin slapping together. Finally, with Karla on her knees, Alex stroked his load out into her open mouth. While she didn't swallow it, which I would have preferred, she did do some nice post cum shot cock sucking to cap it all off as they hugged while the scene faded out.